Mike Barron's Coaching Program

Mike Barron's Coaching Program

Regular price $1,000.00

A. 8-Week Coaching With Mike Barron According To Playbook

B. 8-Weeks of Agency Services Facebook Ad Development + Ad Copy + audience targeting ($6,50 Value)

a. (2) Conversion tracking

b. (3) Ongoing campaign management + Re-targeting

C. Limelight Media Platinum 12-Months Access ($5,000 Buildout, $99 Per User Value)

D. (16) Zoom 30-Min Coaching Sessions with Mike Barron covering best practices for sales, marketing, and operations. Meetings administered 2X week.

E. “Hatting” of All Posts - Training checksheets for all current positions and new positions

F. Metrics & Tracking of KPIs and Stats

G. Professional Sales Training for each step of the sales process including (1) Introduction, (2) Factfinding, (3) Demonstration, (4) Test Close and (5) Close

H. High Level Marketing

a. Ecosystem Development

b. Influencer Development

c. Intent Based Branding

d. Info Product Development / Online Coaching

I. 8-Weeks of Open-line Communication With Mike Barron