Mike Barron's Inner Circle

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1. Access to exact marketing and branding assets including
a. Mike Barron’s Masterclass Funnel & Membership Site To Enrollment Form
b. Mike Barron’s Masterclass Funnel & Membership Site To Booking Portal
c. Masterclass SMS drip automation
d. Mini-Course Membership Funnel & ManyChat Sequence
e. Platinum Funnel
f. Product Launch email drip
2. Operation Assets
a. Stats Tracking Sheets
b. Lead Management Forms
c. New Client Onboarding Forms
d. “Client Journey” Map
e. Facebook Ad Agency Contract Agreement Templates
f. Digital Product Agency Contract Agreement Templates
g. Consulting Contract Agreement Templates
h. Mike Barr’s AR Log
i. Mike Barron’s Appointment Setting Log
j. Mike Barron’s 7-Division Organization Board
h. Mike Barron’s Technology Guide
3. Mike Barron’s CEO Organize & Scale Playbook
a. Millionaire Sales Playbook
b. Scaling to 50K in monthly revenue Playbook
4. 12-Month access to Mike Barron’s Sales & Marketing Academy Program.
a. Includes Ongoing Updates.
b. 10 Users Licenses
5. Designated Coach (on-going support and account management)
6. 1 Quarterly Office Visit and 1-week Stay In San Diego Office. Flight and housing accommodation provided
by the Company.
7. 12-Month access to live all/quarterly MasterMinds
8. 6 Step Recruit & Hiring Process
9. In-person Launch and Staff Walkthrough. Mike Barron travel to clients location to train staff training
10. Direct Mentorship by Mike Barron
a. (2) 30-Minute Calls Each Week with Mike Barron during the 15-month term
b. Open Lines of Communications with Mike Barron’s cell phone
c. Monthly 30-minute Coaching meeting with Clients Team
d. Access to private messenger group
e. 12 Month access to WEEKLY SALES DRILLS with Mike Barron’s Coaches