Closer Agency ($2,000)

Closer Agency ($2,000)

Regular price $2,000.00

Mike Barron's Closer Agency is an Intensive Program that Teaches You How To Set Up Your Own Closing Agency with the intention to land you big 2 Comma Club Award Winners (and Higher) as clients. 

This Program includes:

(1) 12 Week Group Accelerator Mentorship. 16x 1-Hour Group Coaching Meetings with Mike Barron administrating program for developing a Closer Agency including : 
(a) Identifying Ideal Client 
(b) Programming,
(c) Attracting
(d) Ecosystem Build 
(e) Setting Appointments 
(f) Closing High Ticket
(e) Organic Outreach

(2) 12-Months access to Mike Barron’s Closing Academy. Includes On-Going Access to
(a) Phone Sales Mastery Certification 
(b) Closer Certification 
(c)Mike Barron's Master Closer Certification ($5,000 value)

(3) 12-Months access to 50+ weekly Sales & Closing Masterminds Featuring Mike Barron's 6-Figure Closers

(4) On-Going Access To High Ticket Sales Master Class ($1,000 value)

(5) On-Going Access 125K of Live Recorded Closes

(6) 8-Hour "Intensive" Agency Build with Mike Barron's Executive Team. 
(a) Legal formation, 
(b) agency contracts, 
(c) technology setup,
(d) operations setup
(e) personnel recruiting system.

(7) On-Going Access To Mike Barron's Scaling & Ops Program ($30,000 value)

(8) On-Going Client Acquisition Assistance with Mike Barron's VIP Students, Clients & Professional Network.